I’m Grace Chan. I’m a speculative fiction writer and doctor. I write about the impact of technology on identity and relationships. I also scribble space stories featuring strange worlds, and horror tales where the real and the unconscious bleed together.

My debut novel, Every Version of You, will be published by Affirm Press in 2022.

You can check out my website for my short fiction and awards.

My other interests include salt-and-vinegar anything and secretly filming my friends’ NYE karaoke highlights. I am terrible at conveying sarcasm. In a decaffeinated state, I may cease to exist.

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I loathe spam, and won’t add to it. I will only send this newsletter out when I have significant updates, no more than once a month.


Grace Chan
Writes about brains, space and ghosts. Absorbs a lot, speaks quietly. Malaysian-Chinese-Australian. Doctor. She/her. Rep'd: Jacinta di Mase Management.